How To Order


Let us highlight the process for you, in case you are looking for assistance.


  1.  Select the Make and Model of your car
  2.  Browse through the Categories and select your desired Category to choose from
  3.  Apply filters if you are looking for a specific part to get focused results and get parts according to your requirements
  4.  Once you are in the Part Description page of a part(s) you require, be sure to view all the details and the services offered by the respective seller on the particular part (like cash on delivery, exchange policy etc)
  5.  Once satisfied and ready, Add the product to your Cart
  6.  Now once you are in your cart, review all the details carefully and select your Desired Shipping Method from the list (please note: shipping methods for every product is to be selected separately according to what suits you best). Once done, click Buy All and proceed to checkout
  7.  The first task once you go to checkout is to Sign In with your account or Create a new one (if you don't have onepreviously). Once done, you will be redirected to checkout
  8.  Your shipping details will be filled automatically (synced with the details stored in your account). If you would like to change your shipping details for a particular order, you may enter details as you please
  9.  Here you will be shown your order details (summary) for confirmation one last time. In order to make any changes, you will have to go back to your Shopping Cart
  10.  If you have both kinds of products in your cart (i.e. cash-on-delivery and non-cash-on-delivery products), you will be given an option with a title Important Notice. Here you will be given few options to select from (be careful in selecting the options as your selection will unlock different payment methods). Once selected, different payment methods will be unlocked for you to proceed with
  11.  If Point 10 does not apply on your order, you will directly be taken to standard payment methods where you will select the option best suited to you
  12.  Once selected, you can apply Coupons (if you have unlocked any) and your final order amount will be adjusted accordingly
  13.  Now click Confirm and Buy to place your order. Your invoice will be  generated automatically and opened in a new window (we advise you to either save or print the invoice for your record(s))
  14. You will see an Order Placement notice which will then redirect you to the homepage of the marketplace 




  •  Every time you place an order, you earn reward points that are credited to your account. By using these rewards points, you can earn different kinds of discounts according to the criteria described
  •  You can view all your orders in your profile under Order History tab at any given time
  •  You can track your order through your profile by simply entering your Order ID. You can check its status and get updated regarding your order(s) at all times
  •   You can also view your total rewards against each order in your profile under Rewards tab at any given time.