Please read the policy terms carefully


  1.  Cash on delivery is part specific.
  2.  Cash on delivery service is specified by the dealer. It is solely the choice of the dealer whether he/she offers it to the customers or not.
  3.  Cash on delivery parts may take between 4-10 business days for deliverance.
  4.  Cash on delivery is not offered on any part having value above PKR 30,000.
  5.  You may select the courier company you want your part(s) to be shipped by, in your cart.
    Please note: you have to select your desired courier for every part in your cart.
  6.  Freight prices mentioned are exclusively mentioned by the respective courier company. Pakmoto has absolutely no share in the prices of courier, of any kind.
  7.  The vendor may decide to discontinue Cash on delivery service on a part, at any given time.
  8.  Once your part(s) reaches you and it is refused to be accepted, for any reason not told to Pakmoto in advance. Pakmoto reserves the right to ban you from using the site.
  9.  If you have any problem(s) with the part you receive, you are advised to call company's hotline and file your complaint with Customer Service Department. Your complaint will be followed thoroughly and reviewed. You will be kept updated regarding your complaint.