Q. How do I begin?

A. Start your session by selecting your make and model (for example: Honda > Civic ES5) then browse through the categories to land at your desired part(s).


Q. How do I track my order?

A. Once you are logged into your profile, you can track your order from the link at the top right of the website using your Order ID or you can track it by accessing your dashboard, under Track My Order tab.


Q. Do you offer cash on delivery?

A. Yes, we offer cash on delivery. However, cash on delivery is part specific. Some parts may qualify for the COD criteria while others may not. In part description page, you can see if the part qualifies for it or not.


Q. If I want to find a specific part, how can I do it?

A. There are two options to do so. First, you can search it directly from the search bar. Second, you can start by selecting your make and model then browse through the categories to find your desired part. You can also apply special filters to suit your need.


Q. Do you offer returns or exchange?

A. Yes, we do offer them. However, these are conditional and seller based. To see the detailed information, please see Return/Exchange Policy.


Q. Do you accept damage claims?

A. Once your order is processed, the parts on your order go through our quality assurance test and they are checked for any damages. The part(s) is only forwarded to you if it passes the test otherwise it is stopped. Once, it passes and is shipped to you, we don't accept any damage claims happened during freight or due to any unforesaken event. 


Q. If the part does not fit my vehicle, will you return it?

A. You are advised to please check the part you are looking for thoroughly before you add it to your cart. Our system is designed in a way that if a part does not fit a respective vehicle, it will not show in its listing. However, in case of universal parts, we may accept the return (if the seller offers it). To see detailed information on the matter, please see Return/Exchange Policy.


Q. If I want to search for a part with some particular specifications, how do I do it?

A. Once you are in the parts listing page, you can apply filters according to your requirements to find specific parts. 


Q. What are reward points? How can I use these points?

A. Please see Reward Program.


Q. Can I enter a seller's specific store directly?

A. Yes, you can enter your desired seller's store directly or you can search by your seller's name (in the search bar) to view all the parts from his/her store directly.


Q. How do I add parts to my favorites?

A. In the part description page, click on "add to favorites" button to add it to your favorites. You can view your favorites parts in your dashboard.
Please note: to unlock this option, you need to be logged in. 


Q. Can I save vehicle(s) to my favorites?

A. Yes, you can save as many vehicles as you want in your favorites by simply clicking "save to my garage" button on vehicle listing page.
Please note: to unlock this option, you need to be logged in. 


Q. How can I become a seller on Pakmoto and open my store?

A. There is a specific set of criteria that every seller needs to meet in order to sell on Pakmoto. For detailed information regarding the criteria and process, you can contact us on our hotline. 


Q. How do I know if the seller is a trusted one?

A. Once you are in the parts description page or the seller's store, you can see if the seller is verified or not. Verification of sellers is only incorporated to provide you a secure experience and to make sure no fraudulent seller's exist on our platform.