Reward Program


How Our Reward Program Works?

Our system here at Pakmoto is designed in a way to provide you the maximum value against every rupee you spend with us. It is not the money that you spend but rather  the trust you put in us, which drives us to serve you in the best way possible.

When you shop at Pakmoto, we give you Reward Points according to our set criteria against every purchase. These reward points are  can be accessed through your dashboard under the Rewards tab, at any time. You can also see number of reward points you've earned against each order.

These points can be redeemed from your dashboard under the same tab. There are targets consisting of specific points that you are required to reach in order to unlock the redeeming coupons. These coupons include specific discounts overall or on specific categories (both), cash prizes, free tuning vouchers, free car detailing packages, free shipping vouchers, free upgrades and much more.

Discounts and Cash coupons can be utilized on the checkout page under Apply Pakmoto Coupon.


"Every Rupee You Spend With Us, We Double The Value For You"