Shipping Policy

We at Pakmoto are committed to provide you the perfect experience of shopping your auto parts. To ensure this we have created an advanced shipping system in order to minimize the shipping charges so you may benefit at the utmost.




  • Multiple shipping methods are offered, for you to select from
  • Delivery time varies from one method to another
  • Charges also vary from one method to another
  • Shipping method with the highest charges would have the shortest time period of delivery and vice-versa
  • Our system is designed in a way that your Order ID becomes your tracking number, which can be used to track your order from your dashboard at any time




  • Shipping charges are exclusively mentioned by the respective shipping company(ies). Pakmoto has absolutely no share in the shipping charges of any kind 
  • You will not be allowed to change your shipping method once you have placed your order
  • Shipping charges are product based and not order based. Any charges taken in access by the system will be returned to the customer in full honesty